Why Allied Health?

Allied Health

Why Allied Health?

As a client looking for answers to your health problems, it can be a hard maze to navigate. At Inspire Health we believe in and practice daily allied health integration to achieve the best results for our clients.


Why do we believe in integrated allied health ?

It isn’t just about allied health, it’s about the integration of allied health. Put simply, integrated allied health is the combined application of health care from like minded health professionals who specialise in specific health areas.


Nobody can do everything, and most importantly if anyone says they have all the answers, run for the hills. Integrated allied health is about allowing the experts in their field to be just that, experts.


By having a specialist take control of your health, you are not only guaranteed the best outcome possible, but you are given the opportunity to work on specific goals that matter to you.


We aren’t a “one size, fits all” general practice or gym facility. Inspire practitioners focus on your needs as an individual and fine tune programs suited to your lifestyle and desired outcomes.


Who are Inspire allied health professionals ?

Allied health professionals are university qualified specialists who are experts in their chosen field. At Inspire, we respect that expertise and ensure you are paired with not only the right specialist, but the right person for you and your specific health and wellness goals. You are an individual and as such we believe your treatment should be individualised. The integrated approach to allied health at Inspire is designed and implemented for one purpose – to get the best result for you in the fastest period of time possible. At Inspire, we know that there are many facets that contribute to your health and wellness. Our team of physiotherapy, exercise physiology, exercise science and dietetics professionals strive to ensure we optimise every aspect of your health, to get you to your chosen goal.


How do we implement integrated allied health?

True allied health integration is where the real results lie. True integration is a process void of professional ego. It is transparent with open communication, and ensures you are clear about where you are at, no matter what your goal or current health status.


The true integration approach allows for multiple views on the same situation, and allows the team to put you above all else.


Inspire’s integrated allied health is a professional, team-based approach to achieve the best health solutions for you. We acknowledge that alone we may never achieve anything of great note, but together we can achieve anything you may need us for.


Because in the end, it’s not about what others say you need. It’s about making the best version of yourself, come to life – on your terms.