Catapulting Our Way to Wellness

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Catapulting Our Way to Wellness

The allied health industry can be a gruelling one.

As allied health practitioners, our days are made up of long hours servicing our clients at a time that’s convenient for them. We not only push our clients to be better versions of themselves physically, but we also provide emotional support by letting them open up, tell their story and allow them to express both their struggles and their achievements.

As rewarding as these days are, they don’t even begin to touch on the rollercoaster of emotions that we experience in our own personal lives. Suddenly, it becomes almost too easy to neglect ourselves and leave our own, personal wellness behind.

ManyInspire Health Services of our senior practitioners have navigated this road the hard way and have had to learn just how important it is to take care of ourselves alongside our clients. Yet out of this struggle, Inspire’s new Wellness Program was born.

Inspire Wellness Program founder, Rachel Evans says, “This kind of support is something that is overlooked within most organisations.”


Inspire’s Wellness Program ensures practitioners and staff have the option to meet with a qualified wellness consultant for mindset and consultation sessions. As part of the program we’ve also developed an app with global Sports Performance Tech company, Catapult, to track overall performance and general wellness, which allows our wellness division to gain an up-to date snapshot of each practitioner’s current wellbeing.

The aim of this platform is to not only empower our practitioners and staff to feel more motivated to perform, but also feel supported to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Inspire Health ServicesThrough the implementation of our new wellness program, we’ve learned that the best outcomes in ensuring wellbeing in both staff and clientele, stem from individuals having access to the appropriate platforms to ask for help and communicate their issues in a safe environment, rather than the globally accepted ‘internalise and metastasise’ process.

While being a health professional in any capacity can be challenging, we hope that by adding this program to a young, rapidly expanding industry leader such as Inspire, will set a new standard for health practitioners across all areas.

At the end of the day, it’s just nice to know that people are looking out for you.