What Makes a Good Exercise Program?

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What Makes a Good Exercise Program?

Where do we begin? Is it the exercises? Is it the sets? Is it the reps? Is it the research? Is there an ultimate time for a program? I guess the answer is somewhere in between, but with one important factor:

The best exercise program you can prescribe is . . . a program that the client can and will actually complete!

Inspire Health Services

As an exercise practitioner it is critical to remember that the one thing we need to achieve for any of our clients’ outcomes is to provide regular and progressive stimulus. This means, consistency.

Early in my career I was obsessed and continued to chase the term “gold standard program”. A “gold standard program” is effectively the “perfect program” for any given situation. Early in my career I took this very literally, and as such, I spent more time trying to force research that portrayed the “gold standard”.

As you may have guessed, results weren’t exactly forthcoming. But why? All the studies said it should work. So why didn’t it?

It didn’t work because as we professionally and chronologically age, life is never black and white enough to follow the “gold standard” plan. Work, family, general interests are all variables that need to be considered when designing a clients’ plan.

Training should be fun, it should be enjoyable. Training should feel like a positive addition to your life. Training should not feel like it comes at the sacrifice of something in your life. This “sacrifice mindset” isn’t sustainable and it’s one of the main reasons for the lack of long term consistency.

I guess the point is quite simple; understand the science of programming for results, but make sure you understand how to bend the science into the lifestyle of your client. This always requires give and take on both sides, so to get the best results, make sure it’s a conversation, not a dictation.

At Inspire, we find the best way to achieve results and help people achieve a better level of health, is to consistently communicate and work together.